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Crowdfunding Campaign

These adult videos were created to bring in donors to the crowdfunding page: where those who want to support the cause against vivisection can donate to the model's IndieGogo project by clicking here. The old timey pictures of animals are from the New York Public Library's public domain and can be found on their website.

The crowdfunding campaign is to fund a larger, better documentary project to raise awareness against vivisection.

new york public library

Feministry Corp. made these adult videos for the IndieGogo Page because of our vision to end vivisection through abject rejection of the scientific status quo, a belief in radical changes to aesthetics, and our love for all living beings.

Social Media

Go to the model's social media links, Eren Kavvas, for updates about the Feministry Corp crowdfunding campaign on Twitter @usuallyitskeren or Instagram @thissinwithmilitha or Pinterest @erenbubuka. Feministry Corp is a nonprofit that can be found on the MA Secretary of State's Commonwealth Office and it was incorperated on October 26, 2018 with Eren Kavvas as the founder. Donations are not yet tax deductible but social media comments and likes are always an appreciated method to get more followers.

Find us on social media and like all our posts at Twitter with the username @usuallyitskeren and Instagram with the username @thissinwithmilitha and on Pinterest with the username @deaddollyclothes

There more comments and likes Feministry gets on its various social media, the more advocacy work we do.

new york public library

Dirty Greek, I

Porn is supposed to be a big bunny… I mean... big MONEY Lol... business and that is why it was chosen as the medium for this art project.

new york public library

About the Film-Making Process

I made these adult films in order to fund the nonprofit advocacy aspect of this website, which argues against vivisection of bunnies and rabbits. The narration of Dirty Greek is a story I wrote when I was actively psychotic. At first I was going to name it Delusions of Grandeur because I thought that by thoroughly planning my psychotic break I would be acting like my own psychiatrist.

After a while, however, I realized that my opinion on psychosis was that it was healthy and good so I decided to change the title to Being Friends With Narcissus because I realized that maybe the downside of my illness was more that my multiple personalities were only enjoyable because I had such a great childhood and all of my negative thoughts were counter balanced by a near lack of scary, disturbing, or overall terrible tangible experiences.

After thinking about Narcissus, however, and how she chose to love herself and accept herself regardless of how her mirror represented her, I realized that instead of focusing of things I did not like and positing them as worse than they actually were, I would focus aspects of myself that I did like.

Also, in order to include some Freudian perspectives on psychosis, I spent a lot of time considering why mom always called me a narcissistic and I decided that she was jealous of my preferences and loathed that my radical outlook relied on less intellectual and more resistant outlooks. Therefore, I probably had neither delusions of grandeur nor an unhealthy obsession with myself. I just had an anti-authority complex. Realizing that the issue was that the aesthetic authorities - for example, commercials that sell beauty products - refused to accept my level of comfortable with my own body and how it was philosophcially based on existentialism - a concept that is rare amongst beauty consumers - I decided that fighting vivisection with showing people my bare body would be a unique explanation of my point of view.

Themes In the Film

I wanted lack of tension to be an important theme in the film. The goal was to create a boring adult film.

I also wanted to create a feeling of obvious honesty that causes people to question beliefs that they accept, even when they morally know they are wrong. The perplexing, and sometimes uncomfortable, feeling of a person looking in on his or her self was based on aspects of Greek stoicism and ancient anthropomorphic values from Africa that considered radical animal rights. From the classic Greek philosophers who do not like explaining their emotions and ancient, spirit oriented, and egalitarian religions from Africa, I tried to morph my own personal anecdotes into a culturally competent outlook on my veganism. Instead of focusing on how impossible it is to actually be vegan, I wanted to incorperate an intense pedagological outlook that did not rely on aesthetics from after the invention of vivisection.

Therefore, to link the contention between these mix of opinions and society with my perspective on animals having feelings, I realized that the best imagery to go along with a narration about psychosis was an artful representation of a "dirty" body. Over time, through becoming friends with a feminine form that defies rules on appropriate, it complimented the writing style of someone who thinks they are going crazy. I think this intellectual outlook on the art might bring to a realization about the human mind and the impact on consumerism on one's ability to make decisions.

Dirty Greek, II

This is the second episode of Dirty Greek

new york public library

About the Model

Eventually, I think that as a crazy person, I can do a lot to change animal cruelty. Not only do I have work experience with environmental organizations, I was also IRB certified in grad school and truly believe that some contemporary medical practices, which are based on the merits of vivisection, are actual illegal medical testing. I thought that I would be a good advocate for a scientific notion that does not have much scientific merit because I am not the type of person who stands back when I think something is immoral.

Plus, the fact that my personal morals are pretty left-wing, I think that I might be able to change some people’s mind just based on appealing to their Freduian id. For example, as a schizophrenic, by actively considering how my own psychology acts out of instinct and how I was retrained to possibly agree with other people's opinions of anger pleasure, I think that I became more intelligent.

I want to eventually build a following of people who do not want to hurt animals to prove something about humans. I think that a lot of my ideas come from my obvious approval of abortion and using fetus’ and stem cells as part of the scientific process, which is obviously way left-wing, but I think a pro-choice perspective does a good job proving that humans are only putting bleach in rabbits eyes because of some aggression against women and hatred of feminist ideals.

In any case, if you like my movie, my boobs, or my strange opinions on the human mind, you might want to donate on the crowdfunding page to the fight against vivisection of bunnies and rabbits: where you can donate to the IndieGogo link by clicking here.

In any case, here is another episode in the series.

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Dirty Greek, III

This is the second episode of Dirty Greek series.

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Above picture from New York Public's Library Public Domain

In the end, the reason I settled on naming this series, Dirty Greek, was because it think that stoicism and love of ancient classics is a pretty dull moral point of view which does a good job complimenting my personal opinion on how dull my naked form looks in this video. I wanted something that put together all the slightly dirty things I could think of – drugs, naked women, vivisection, mental illness – that was difficult to understand if one was not actively invovled in the cause of bringing counter cultural ideals into the mainstream.

Much like classics, it is too easy to pass over important aspects of philosophy when it comes to things that are complicated because of the way that people are raised and the hegemonic moral compass.

Dirty Greek sounded like it would be a film about people on the beach with old men playing backgammon, talking regally about their thoughts on the world, and commenting on the beach and the people in it. My version of this outlook, however, from the perspective of anti-vivisection, is some pretty person being considered crazy just because they are doing what they want.


Summary Info

Basically, tips for my tits!! Me and mine will better at argueing against vivisection with your dollars towards the cause.


This pic is with blue leggings. #bad> IndieGogo when Feministry created a crowdfunding page and sold our tits for tips.

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